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Since the inception in 2010,  Antony Charitable Trust has been actively contributing in the chosen Four Major Sectors. 





With our expertise across various domains, we address critical challenges through the most effective Science-Based Solutions. 

We Propagate Awareness, Provide Technical Assistance, Trigger Action in all possible ways efficiently. We do through partnership with Government Depts., Other NGOs’ & Organisations to Implement the Projects.

Our Projects are based under several categories. Notable Projects are displayed here:

Project “PINK SHAKTHI” is all about raising the status of women through the following measures:

Ensuring a basic minimum education for the girl children.

Creating awareness on the need of education and their basic rights.

Helping women to achieve self reliance.

Helping society to create a safe domestic and external environment for women of all ages.

Empowering women to achieve their full economic potential inspiring both women and men to become supporters, change makers and leaders in their community.

Providing resources, opportunities and a platform that facilitates networking, learning and sharing of experiences.

As COVID-19 affected every aspect of our lives, threw entire economies under recession, people  already struggling with poverty face, the greatest challenges ahead.

Since 23 rd Mar’20, this Pandemic impacts painful human, social and economic cost, we work hard to address the need of the most affected people across Tamil Nadu. For vulnerable families without money, this pandemic made it difficult, to get the basics needed to survive. One of the quickest ways to help them is to serve them FREE FOOD and support with FREE GROCERY PACKS.

3.1 million +

FREE FOOD served during CORONA period

Project “SAVE WATER BHARAT” is all about Save Water 

To create an awareness among people about water conservation and implementing corrective measures so that the future generation will have enough water for their needs.

We at Antony Charitable Trust have been consistently working towards the development of youth in various fields by providing them proper training, guiding them with Govt. available Schemes, educating / training them with multiple Competitions and motivating them.

The objective of Positive Youth Development is nurturing core internal strengths and abilities in children and teens. It is about providing opportunities for youth to believe in themselves and their abilities to influence their lives and the world around them.

Project Wellness India focuses on creating awareness about health care and implementing projects to the under privileged with necessary healthcare infrastructure. 

Education is important to get deeper knowledge on variety of subjects which can be applied to daily life. It gives Stability, Financial Security, Self-Dependency, Confidence and Personal Growth.

We focus on providing less privileged individuals breaking the cycle of ignorance by providing them opportunities to learn and upgrade themselves.

Scholarships are immensely beneficial for students as they can continue their academics which will bring positive changes in their lives. It helps in empowering their academic and career goals by removing the financial barrier.

To create an awareness among people about the issues on environment and implementing corrective measures so that the future generation will have proper environment to live.

The real spirit of any Festival Season is sharing the Joy by Helping others.


4.36 million + People Served

220 + Associates working together

35.7 million + People Reached

440 + Activities across India